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Softwarewolves is a session by Alexander Helleboogh, Johan Peeters and Nelis Boucké.

  • Foto Alexander
    Alexander is a partner at ArchiWise and freelance software architect. During the night, he dreams about "killer" features and brews juicy stories for participants to implement. He maintains the C# bot to compensate for the fact he doesn't own a Windows computer.
  • Foto Nelis
    From dusk till dawn, Nelis sinks his teeth into the softwarewolves datacenter, Game Engine and maintains the Java and Ruby bot. During the day, he reverts to his role as partner at ArchiWise and freelance software architect.
  • Foto Johan
    By day Johan is a freelance software architect and software security expert. At night, he shapeshifts into a softwarewolf maintaining the ultrastable Game Engine and has a weakness for bots in exotic programming languages such as Scala and Node.js.