Are you looking for a teambuilding event for software developers combining entertainment and learning, which is more engaging than a training session and more useful than paintball?

Softwarewolves is an in-house coding contest run for your companies’ developers. This playful session engages participants in competitive coding: pitching their programming skills against their colleagues to achieve maximum business value.

Participants typically form pairs and implement “bot players” for the well-known werewolves (AKA mafia) party game. Players earn credits by implementing requested functionality in 4 iterations testing market awareness, programming skills and development process. During public demos, teams ‘sell’ their work and heckle competing solutions. In the follow-on retrospective, participants reflect on the experience and learning value.

Session objectives

  • Have fun while coding
  • Share programming practices in a collaborative context.
  • Interact with colleagues out of the office in a playful environment.
  • Adapt programming practice to achieve maximum value in a fast pace environment.